Project Overview

The creative geniuses at Omelet created the Save The Drop campaign along with the City of LA and the LADWP. With their brand guidelines and a few assets in hand, I got to work on the website.

Key Features

Water Saving Tips

The original campaign had a host of water saving tips that were created to support a social media campaign. We took those tips and created a page that highlights each one.

Drop Defenders

This city-wide contest needed an online platform that would collect entries, divide them by district, and allow users to vote for their favorite. And it needed to be budget friendly. We used a contest engine that could be heavily customized to meet our needs.


An army of community partners have been involved in this initiative, so it was necessary to include information on the rebates that they offer.


Since LA is a multi-lingual city, it was necessary to build a Spanish version of the site as well. It was determined that the google translate function wasn’t reliable enough for this site since the text was mostly informal. So we opted to manually translate the site and create a Spanish version.