Project Overview

The owner of Priestess Paradigm, Alyssa, offers an innovative service and needed a website that would help build her business while functioning in the integrity that is at the cornerstone of all she does. We were able to set her up with a system that works with her existing sales funnels while driving clients to her signature service.

Key Features

Membership subscription

Alyssa's passion is her channeling work, so we created a membership to a group she created for her calling. Her clients can sign up and pay for their membership directly on her website, which auto-bills them each month. They also have the ability to access their monthly channelings through her user admin portal.

Appointment Scheduler

Current and potential clients have the ability to schedule and mange one-on-one appointments directly on Priestess Paradigm. All payment is handled through the site, and appointments are connected to Alyssa's google calendar automatically.

User Account

Since Priestess Paradigm takes payments, we've put together a user account area where clients can manage their payment profiles, see their invoices, and have access to the members only content.

Branding Package

Since Priestess Paradigm was in its infancy, we created a branding package for Alyssa that included a color palette and font options.