Project Overview

NoDVLA is an anti-domestic violence campaign that includes a website that provides resources for victims and their families, as well as a hub for various city initiatives. The main goal of this site was to make the information as easily accessible as possible since many users wouldn’t have much time to navigate through. Main services and resources would have to be easy to locate right from the home page.

Key Features

Map of Services

Since services and their locations would be changed and updated frequently, we needed to build in an easy way of managing this. The map on the home page is connected to a google spreadsheet that the client can easily add to and manage on their end.

Escape Button

It was necessary to provide an obvious button on each page that allowed users to have a quick escape. For users who were victims, the simple act of viewing a website such as this one could be dangerous.

Neutral Imagery

Due to the sensitive nature of the campaign, we thought it was best to forgo any pictures or images of people, and instead use icons and infographic style elements.