Project Overview

The main objective of The Youth Employment Pilot (later known as Find Your Future) was to provide a proof of concept that, if successful, would be developed into a full program of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles. The target market were youths between the ages of 16-24 who were not in school and not currently working and the goal was to connect these youths with career paths. I built the site around an app that was created by the team at 8th Light. The pilot proved successful and is now undergoing rebranding and restructuring.

Key Features


A scalable list of resources such as workshops, transportation help, childcare help, and resume help.

User Dashboard

The landing page once a user signed up or signed in that connected them with outside apps and their career assessment results.

Step by Step Guide

To help users navigate through the process, I created a step by step guide that would help them along the way.

Post Launch Support

After the launch of the pilot program, I managed the site, extracted data, and provided a final report of the effectiveness of the program.