Brand Identity One-Pager


The brand identity one-pager template will create a better working relationship between you and your freelancers, as well as keep you on track with your visual identity.



Have you ever fallen into a revision loop with the designer you’ve hired? That happens when they don’t understand your brand or what you’re looking for. Without direction, they’re forced to discover your identity through the revision process. And then the project seems to never end and you’re both frustrated and unhappy. 

Providing your freelancers with the Brand Identity One-Pager at the start of a project will ensure you’re both on the same page with the look and feel you’re going for. It helps your designer work more quickly and efficiently, and will save you money on revisions. 

What’s included:
  • Unlimited downloads of the Brand Identity One-Pager package
  • Brand Identity One-Pager template, compatible with Google Sheets and PowerPoint 
  • Example document so you have a reference of the final product
  • Step by step instruction guide so you’re not flying blind
  • Next steps document with recommendations on how to use the template
How to use the Brand Identity One-Pager template

After downloading the package, locate the “Brand Identity One-Pager” on your computer. If you didn’t select a location when you downloaded the package, it’s most likely in your downloads or on your desktop. 

Google Sheets is the best way to use this document, but it is also compatible with PowerPoint. I prefer Google Sheets since it doesn’t require any additional software and it’s really user friendly. 

In your Google Drive, click on “New” and then “File Upload”. Locate the “Brand Identity One-Pager Template” file from the window that pops up.

Fill in the blanks and add in images and colors where necessary (more details are in the getting started guide). When you’re finished, download (or save as) a PDF document. That’s what you’ll be sending to your freelancers. 

Have questions about this product? Feel free to contact me! 


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